Ps 103:5 He fills my life with good things. My youth is renewed like the eagles!   

Complete satisfaction is rare. No matter how happy or content we appear there is always something that keeps us from being satisfied. Maybe it’s ambition or just desire for the next biggest or newest TV, vehicle or house. Even when we have everything we need, advertisers and marketers make sure there is something else we want. God promises to supply all our needs according to his riches, but Satan still wants to keep us dissatisfied.

            Consider the eagle. Spiritually, it represents man’s connection to the divine. It expresses the powers of the spirit and symbolizes the importance of truthful principles and honesty. And for its strength, the Bald Eagle is our national symbol. Even with all that prestige and history, the eagle is satisfied just as he is. They mate for life and return every year to the same nest to renew their dedication to each other and raise another family. God supplies everything they know and everything they have in life. The eagle flies the highest of any bird; the closest to heaven. It never falters in its loyalty to the plan his creator laid out for him. That is complete satisfaction.

            We need to step back, while looking at this magnificent symbol of satisfaction, and find whatever is keeping us from being satisfied with what our creator has given us. It may not be the life we dreamed of but perhaps it’s even better. All we need to do is to be satisfied.

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