Ps 103:3 He forgives all my sins and heals all my diseases. 

             I have been hurt and lied about. Each time I pray that God will help me forgive them. It takes time, but eventually I forgive. Until that person causes new problems, and all the pain and heartache comes back with a vengeance. My mind plays games until I realized that I needed Jesus to be the eraser of all past hurts.

            Satan loves to bring up the past especially sins previously committed. If God forgives us and throws those sins into the sea of forgetfulness, I believe he will also erase anything from our minds that hurts us. In order to go forward in life, we need to have a clean heart and mind. A dirty (dredging up past problems) mind is the devil’s playground. He will shoot fiery darts of confusion, self-doubt and hurt, but God will erase all that and fills your mind with peace and joy.

            After years of dealing with one hurt after another, I was exhausted and broken. I decided to give it all to Jesus and to forget negative things from the past. God erased all the bad people had done to me and filled my mind with him. At that moment, I felt mentally lighter. I was better able to handle everyday stressors and look forward to a brighter future. Was it a permanent fix? No. Satan still occasionally brings something back to mind, but I can now quench those fiery darts with the rushing water of the Holy Spirit. I am at peace as I rest, knowing that God is always there to send the Comforter whenever I need him.

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