Ps 75:2 God says, “At the time I have planned I will bring justice to the wicked.”

            Waiting for God’s time is hard. Just the concept of time can be mind-blowing, but then add in God’s timing and it can go beyond the realm of imagination. For some, especially children, it is hard to comprehend time past the present. As humans, we have a limited understanding of God’s perspective about time. We usually want everything now because we are unaware that God’s timing is better.

When I was younger, I thought we had all the time in the world, but after 40 years of marriage I see that God’s coming is even closer. There are still things I want to accomplish prior to arriving in heaven, like visiting all 50 states (I still have 17 to go) but I have the knowledge that with God’s perfect timing, even if I don’t complete my “bucket list” he will be waiting for me with open arms at the right time.

More importantly, I want to serve him until my time on earth is over. Now retired, I find so many opportunities to share God’s love. We should never doubt the wisdom of God’s timing. Waiting to see God’s plan and timing is not easy, but taking matters into your own hands can be disastrous. Don’t get ahead of God.

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