Ps 74:18 See how these enemies insult you, Lord. A foolish nation has dishonored your name.

            Scars, we all have them. Some are superficial, a nick while shaving or cutting vegetables. These usually heal rapidly. Some are deeper, like when I had my gall bladder removed the old fashion way, with a four inch incision. That one took months and left a permanent reminder. Some scars are deeply hidden and only show up when a stressor or trauma occur. These are emotional and can cause serious problems if not dealt with appropriately. Emotional damage from past insults, name-calling and abuses as a child can break us. To cope we become self-effacing or self-abusing.

            Self-effacing people are shy, introverted, believe they are no good, and will never amount to anything. They quietly skim through life, hiding in the corner as much as possible. The opposite is true for self-abusing persons. They hate themselves, become anxious, frustrated, and subconsciously tear down any forward progress they make in life. These scars are the deepest of all.

            When I compare these scars to Jesus’ on the cross, I understand why he had to suffer. He felt all our wounds, both physical and emotional. He knew about the children who are abused daily because some wounds never healed. He understood how difficult life would be for those with mental and emotional disorders. He took the pain, bled, and died to save each one. How can we continue to wound each other after the sacrifice he made for us all?

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