Ps 103:12 He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.

            We make mistakes. We lie, cheat, and probably have stolen something. Everyone needs forgiveness. I have asked people to forgive me for misplaced words and wrongs committed against them. I have forgiven others for injustices against me. There is a good reasons to forgive.

            Unforgiveness is a poison that slowly destroys us. When we are wronged and fail to forgive, we become angry and hold a grudge. That is the logical response, but it only causes more pain. When we allow others to control how we feel, it leads to worry, suppressed anger, bitterness, heart disease and blood pressure issues. There have been studies that show cancer patients have forgiveness issues. God never wanted us to deal with all the things that can go wrong in our body, mind and spirit that come from unforgiveness.

            That is why God gave his only son, Jesus, as the ultimate sacrifice to die on the cross for our sins. From “east to west” is a symbol of God’s forgiveness. It is far reaching and never ending. When God forgives, he separates our sins from us and never remembers them again. This is true heavenly forgiveness. Satan continues to bring up earthly forgiveness, but we need to remember we are now children of God and covered by the blood of Jesus Christ. Don’t be fooled by Satan. Be forgiven by God.

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