Ps 48:14 For that is what God is like. He is our God forever and ever, and he will guide us until we die.

We love to travel. In 2003, we decided to tour Ireland. Up until then we used tour companies but wanted the freedom to go out on our own so I bought a navigation device and added Ireland to the software. Of course, I had plan B, all the maps and information I could find. I preplanned, and made several reservations. We landed in Shannon; got our rental car and our navigation device took us directly to Winacre Lodge B&B on highway N59.  I felt very confident so the next morning we embarked on our adventure to Galway, of course we had our paper maps as well.

We drove west on N59, stopping for several things, and all the way to Clifden. It had been a magical day as we continued south then east to swing back up to N59. Our TomTom had worked perfectly. Soon the navigator said to turn left but the left side and the road was closed completely for construction. What do we do now? I started to pull out the paper maps and I heard a voice say “redirecting route”.

Sure enough, at the next turn-about we were able to turn left, going north to the correct road. The sun had set and the road became constricted but was still paved. It was getting darker by the minute; I thanked God that he was there because the maps were useless in the pitch-blackness.  We made a right to a narrow dirt road. Thinking this was surely a one-way road we traveled smoothly until a car came out of nowhere straight for us. We remembered to pull to the left and the car zoomed safely past us. We were just a little nervous about the situation when the navigator had us make another left onto an extremely narrow dirt road.

We both started praying, asking the Holy Spirit to get us safely to the B&B. No other cars were around, thank God, and a few minutes later, we arrived at an intersection at N59 just two blocks from the B&B. Isn’t, that just like God the Father, Jesus his Son and the Holy Spirit to navigate us through all the roads of life. Everything can start great, continues to get a little confusing and maybe gets dirty and narrow, but the adventure is so worth it as long as we follow the life map he setup for us from the beginning of our journey.

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