Ps 48:9 O God, we meditate on your unfailing love as we worship in your Temple.

Meditation can alleviate stress and has shown to help reduce anxiety and blood pressure. As we think deeply and focus our mind we begin to arrive in a place of tranquility and peace but it depends on what you are meditating. Many times, during life decisions, we carefully consider all aspects of the situations such as job promotions and major purchases like a new house.

Christian life sometimes sets us up for unrealistic expectation, however meditating on God’s unfailing love can bring us deeper and closer to him. Knowing God’s love will bring us through difficult times.

My niece, who lives out of state, phoned me in crisis. A nephew she cared for since birth was being moved away by his father. Because of her profound attachment for him this loss was extremely deep and she was grieving this news.

After talking and crying, I helped her realize this temporary change of address was something the dad needed more than she needed the nephew with her. I explained she needed to focus on all the time they still had and pray for more memories with him. Later she called again and she had a new outlook. After prayer and meditating on how far Jesus has brought her and the love she feels, she plans to visit on days off and stay with him for long weekends.  Through prayer and meditation we begin to see answers to problems and find positive, loving solutions as God gives us a calming peace in him.

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