Ps 42:3 Send out your light and your truth; let them guide me. Let them lead me to your holy mountain, to the place where you live.

            The sons of Korah are pleading to God to help them find his holy mountain. In those times, it referred to Mount Zion but what about now. Few can go to Mount Zion whenever we want to pray or seek God for help. So, where does God live now, in your life? Where do you go to communicate with Him? Some believe the only place you can find God is in a church building. On the other hand, some believe there is no need to go to church because he is everywhere. There is some truth in each belief, so the question remains, where do you find God?

            Asking God to “send his light and truth” to guide you is the key. Everyone has a special place where they feel closest to God and that is where they do most of their praying. This “place” can be a chair in a bedroom, walking through the house or in a literal prayer closet. Whatever that place is, use it daily and more when needed.

            Never discount the times driving down the street or at work. I find myself praying and asking God’s favor everywhere. One day at work, I had to take a baby to have a MRI test. That test uses magnets and extremely loud sounds to scan a particular part of the body.   For patient safety, I had to stay with the baby and endure the noise. I started praying, but because of the noise, no one heard me. I prayed not only for the test to reveal what needed to be revealed, but also to keep the baby asleep throughout the test. Afterward, the tech asked if we were all right. The patient slept through and the noise was barely noticeable. Everything turned out great. 

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