Ps 74:2 Remember that we are the people you chose long ago, the tribe you redeemed as your own special possession! And remember Jerusalem, your home here on earth.

            Jerusalem also known as Mount Zion, God’s home on earth is very important to the people of the time. However, our home is very important to us also. What is your home? Maybe a place where you lived all your life; perhaps the first home you purchased after marriage. Every home is different, according to our culture and beliefs. It can be a hut with a cane roof on an island or an igloo in the frozen tundra.  Unfortunately, some people have nowhere.

            However, I’m not talking of a physical place. The saying “home is where the heart is” can help us all understand what is important in life. Where is your heart? When you meet someone for the first time, you feel a kind of “kinship”, a feeling of coming home.  If you know you are doing something you should and have a peace about it, that’s a feeling of home.            

With this feeling of home, there is joy, happiness and contentment; without it, life is filled with uncertainty, insecurity and even boredom. Our heart is made with a space that only Jesus can fill and when that space is filled appropriately; there is a sense of home. Where is your home?   

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