Ps 33:15 He made their hearts, so he understands everything they do.

            God made each one of us. That’s a fact. Do you think he made us all the same? Of course not. We are individuals. Even identical twins can have differences, especially in personality, demeanor or aptitude. We are all different, but he knows and understands each one the same. We all communicate with God the same at first until we begin to develop our own individual method/style of talking with the one who made us. God wants us to build a personal relationship with him, not one someone taught us.

            Some feel that praying must be on the knees in a church or only at certain times of the day. Perhaps praising God can only be when accompanying a worship song. There are so many man made rules, who can keep tract of them? Remember if we only follow specific rules about talking with God, we can’t follow the Holy Spirit. It is the spirit that leads and guides us closer to God the Father and Jesus the son. Without all three we will never become the individual God made us to be.        

            As a young Christian, I had difficulty seeing people worship in so many different ways. Some shouted praises, some ran down aisles and some simply raised their hands in adoration of a heavenly father. One time in church he revealed the truth of the situation. Because he made every heart different everyone communicates what their heart feels at the moment. It pleases him when we worship in spirit and in truth. It shows that we feel the freedom that only God can give. Dare to be different from the world and free as an individual in the Lord.

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