Ps 34:4 I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears.

David is still running from Saul and thinks of hiding in plain sight in Gath where Israel’s enemy live. The problem is Goliath, the one he killed as a teen was from there. Knowing no one would trust a vibrant, strong soldier he pretended to be weak and have mental issues. It worked, the king allowed him to stay out in the wilderness in Philistine territory. He found a cave and wrote this song of praise for God’s deliverance. That cave became his church.

            He searched for safety and was looking at all the wrong things. Looking at Saul trying to stay one step ahead of him, looking for protection in Gath, and looking to his own abilities to get him out of difficult situations. All he needed was to look to the Lord for everything. While in that cave, David prayed and God answered him. He finally understood, if only briefly, that God is all he needs. After he realized that human power was inadequate to accomplish God’s purpose he was able to rejoice in the knowledge of God’s control in his life. He still had times of doubt, just as we all have, but during that time he was free.

            When we doubt and are fearful of situations in our lives we can rely on the one who is Lord over the universe. Praying help’s us identify with him and his attitude toward us. He wants us to be free to enjoy everything he made for us and rejoice in his love and care for us. We are worth so much more than we give ourselves credit. See your worth through God’s eyes and be free of all your fears.

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