WORD OF THE DAY IS CONCERN                                                         

Ps 102:11 My life passes as swiftly as the evening shadows, I am withering away like grass.

            With each passing birthday, I become more concerned about the future. Not for myself, but for the thousands of people who have grown cold in their love of Christ. Combating widespread evil in the world makes us weak in our resolve to love God and the people in our lives. The stress of modern lifestyles (career and family) and accomplishing everything expected of us, weakens the ability to see what is most important. I was trying to work, keep our home running smoothly and help in several ministries at church.

            I was exhausted. For a time, I tried to keep up with everything and solve all my problems alone. Until my husband noticed I was not myself. He asked how he could help bring me back to the loving, caring woman he knew me to be. He showed more love and concern for me than all the romantic gestures previously. This is how God can work in our lives. Through love, compassion and the desire to serve others, God opens the door for others to see him work.

            Don’t let your love for God grow cold. The more you love him, the more ability he gives us to love others. Through that love he strengthens your relationships not only in your family but with friends and everyday acquaintances. Wake every morning with concern for others and ask him how you can show love and support for each person you come into contact with. Fill your heart and mind with the resolve of having genuine concern for all God’s creations. There will be more joy and peace in your life which others may see and ask…how can I have what you have?

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