Ps  97:11 Light shines on the godly, and joy on those whose hearts are right.

            Ever had one of those moments when you knew God was with you? I did. I went to visit my granddaughter and new great-grandson. We had so much fun catching up and playing with the baby. There are so many new innovations and technology for children today. I was amazed. He really enjoys bouncing to music in his activity center. After a wonderful week, the time came to drive home.

            No matter how diligent in packing and loading the car, I usually forget something. I barely entered onto the interstate when I saw a pillow lying on the side of the highway. Instantly I knew it was God reminding me I had left mine behind. Immediately I called my granddaughter who answered, “Nonna, you forgot your pillow.” We both laughed as I exited the interstate and returned to her house. As she handed off my pillow, I explained that when I left I prayed for God to remind me if I left anything behind. When I saw the pillow on the road, I knew it was God’s way of answering my prayers.

            She was shocked about the situation but I knew when we follow God’s path completely he helps us not only with big things but also small things. Because he loves us so much, he makes sure we know he is always with us.

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