Ps 96: 2 Sing to the Lord; praise his name. Each day proclaim the good news that he saves.

During weather related disasters we look for someone to save us. I have experienced this several times but never understood why God allows natural disasters such as tornados, earthquakes, blizzards and hurricanes. It is stressful to wonder if loved ones are alright, if your house is still there and not washed away or sucked into the earth.

What do we do at these times? Turn to God. Remember he made all this and knows everything that is happening. No matter what devastation is around you know this—he saved you. You are alive. You have a purpose. God allowed you to go through this to show the opportunities he has for you. Helping your neighbor clean up the yard can open lasting friendships. Showing kindness by taking in someone’s pet while they rebuild shows you care about others. Sharing or bringing food to communities shows compassion for those in need. The more opportunities you have, the more you do, the more fulfilled your life becomes.

God saves us from everyday occurrences as well. One time, as I sat behind someone at a red light, I felt the need to ask God for an opportunity to show his love. As the light turned green, a large car hit the smaller car in front of me. The smaller car was hit so hard that it went sideways into an oncoming car which then hit a fourth vehicle. I immediately prayed for all the occupants and pulled over. As I ran to check the first driver, I saw all drivers exit their cars. I had a little red “personal Bible” in my purse, so after seeing how bad the damage was to the small car, I wrote my name and phone number in the back and gave it to the driver. I told him that when I saw what happened, I prayed he would be alright. I don’t know if this seed will grow, but God saved all four people and gave me an opportunity to show his love.

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