Ps 95:4 He holds in his hands the depths of the earth and the mightiest mountain

            I used to collect things. As a teen living in Italy, I collected stamps. I filed and placed them in collection books. I also collected foreign currency and even have an English half-penny from 1896. When Precious Moments Figurines were popular, my husband bought several as gifts especially for special occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays. Yes, I still have them all.

            Why do we hold on to things? Sometimes we think they will increase in value and become an investment. Some find joy and a sense of accomplishment when a complete set of sports cards is finalized. During travel I have purchased coffee mugs and these bring sweet memories of times and places long ago.

            But what does God hold on to? He is the creator of everything earth, sun, moon, stars, air, water and us. I believe he holds on to his creations, but especially to his children. If he didn’t hold on how would we survive? I can’t imagine life without knowing he has me in the palm of his hand loving me, comforting me and protecting me. Life would be scary if God didn’t have my back.

            What do you hold on to? Hold on to God, and he will be there for you. Things never last in this world, but he will hold on to you and keep you as long as you ask. He will hold on and even carry you to heaven when your time comes.

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