Ps 94:19 When doubts filled my mind, your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.     

Doubts are insidious and give us a feeling of uncertainty. Ever had doubts? I have doubts about who I am and what I should do. Sometimes we doubt our fashion sense, career choices or decisions made years ago. How about our decision to serve Christ in everything we do? Some say, “I will never doubt that” but when outside pressures overwhelm us little thoughts surface that are not Christlike. Doubts can completely obliterate life. How we handle doubts is vital.

            Doubts are thoughts from Satan who wants to rob us of the joy we have in Jesus. If we entertain doubts, they grow and take us further from God. Maybe there is doubt of a spouse’s commitment to the wedding vows. You allow this thought to fester and blow way out of proportion. The doubt obsesses your life and separates you from the one you love. These doubts can even become sin. Talk over the situation with your spouse and ask God (and spouse) for forgiveness. Once communication is renewed, the doubt becomes smaller and understanding becomes larger. Never allow doubts to break any relationship.

            The best thing to do when in doubt is pray. Prayer controls doubts and can even keep them from becoming sin. By building trust and belief in God, prayer can strengthen our relationships. God sees and knows all your thoughts and doubts. He is waiting for you to ask him for help. With genuine repentance, he forgives you of doubt and helps bring trust and love back into your life.

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