Ps 93:3 The floods have risen up, O Lord. The floods have roared like thunder: The floods have lifted their pounding waves.

Living close to the Gulf of Mexico and below sea level, we are no strangers to floods. When the local meteorologist forecast’s even just six inches of a steady downpour, we expect the worst. May 1978 I had to walk through waist deep water to get to work due to a tropical storm. If a weak hurricane aimed this way is fast moving, we consider ourselves blessed because a slow moving, strong one can be devastating.

While on vacation in Wyoming, we went whitewater rafting on the Snake River. Because we were novices, the guides seated us in the middle row. The first ten minutes were exciting until I heard the waters roar and felt the raft tossing back and forth. I closed my eyes and screamed, then began praying.

An indescribable peace washed over me and I felt Jesus’ presence in the raft. The flood of peace was so comforting that I opened my eyes and saw a rainbow. My husband, Wayne, turned and smiled at me. Yes, the waves were pounding and we were soaked but it was an awesome experience. Later, Wayne told me he felt God’s arms holding us together in the raft. Even though the rafting staff were trained, I knew that floods can be dangerous. The flood of God’s love and peace comforted me. Deep within me, I knew we were safe.

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