Ps 92:14 Even in old age they will still produce fruit; they will remain vital and green.

            Several years ago, God sent me back to school. To better understand and communicate with my deaf friends, I earned a Certificate in American Sign Language. One day, several of the students started talking to me before class started. We were not supposed to communicate by voice, but class had not started, so I answered their question about the device on my ankle. “It’s a pedometer for my insurance’s wellness program. The more I exercise, the more I save on my premiums.”  Suddenly, they burst out laughing and said they thought it was a Home Monitoring Device, and the police allowed me to come to school to better myself.

            The teacher walked in and asked what was so funny, but through the snickering and muffled laughter no one answered because we were not to use our voice. Finally, she gave us permission to speak, so I told her the whole story. She laughed and told them I already had two degrees, but it was true that I wanted to better myself.

Everyone can learn, grow, and produce fruit. Age is irrelevant. Many times, my new skill enabled me to help Deaf parents, in their own language, to care for their premature baby. God also allows me to pray with Deaf people, so they can understand the plan God has for their life. Every time I sign, I believe I produce fruit. What fruit can you produce at your church? Do it unto God because fruit comes when God alone see your efforts, not when people see it.

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