Ps 92:4 You thrill me, Lord, with all you have done for me! I sing for joy because of what you have done.

            We all have things and experiences that make us happy, but these are usually fleeting and temporary. I love to travel. The memories are truly a blessing but one visit to Disney World gave me the thrill of true joy. My husband and I had visited several times but the last time our youngest son, David, went with us.

            He recently reminded me of that trip. We reminisced about that experience. He recalled a little girl we met there. We were in Magic Kingdom and a little girl with Down’s syndrome, dressed in a blue princess dress, was swirling around with a magic wand in hand. The joy on her face said it all.  It didn’t matter that she differed from the other children at Disney or that she may never do the things she wanted in life; she was happy. The fact that at that moment she was doing exactly what she wanted, expecting nothing, was the purest innocence I have ever seen.

            When she stopped for a moment she looked up and smiled. In that smile she gave everything she had to me, a total stranger. I leaned down and told her how beautiful she was in her princess dress. She surprised me when she reached up and said, “I love you.” The thrill of unconditional love was unfathomable. She skipped off to her parents, leaving me with an overwhelming sense of her love. I can only imagine the love Jesus feels for each of us. Seeing him face to face will be the best thrill ever.

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