Ps 91:14 The Lord says, “I will rescue those who love me. I will protect those who trust in my name.

            God’s promises! He gives many, and he never breaks a promise, but to fulfill his promises to rescue and protect, we need to remember and act on the words after “those.” “Love and trust” are powerful but can be difficult to do.

I know I love and trust God in every situation, but during sickness and health crises I tend to fall back on my training as a nurse and take a scientific approach. It’s only when I quit trying to figure it out that God can fulfill his promises to me. When “I let go and let God” have all my worries and fears, is when he keeps his promises and performs miracles. Difficult to do. But if I call out to God, ask for healing in Jesus’ name and let the Holy Spirit guide me, he always comes through.

  While caring for premature infants there were times we were at the end of our knowledge and ability so I just prayed. We had conference time to spit-ball ideas, but I prayed. Sometimes doctors were puzzled and I would pray. I knew the promises of God and depended on them daily. Before long the baby would turn the corner, and some would say it was a miracle. You see, sometimes they had no scientific explanation. As time passed the doctors and staff even asked me “have you been praying again?” I would just smile. I believe in the promises of God and know that prayer opens the door to miracles. Through prayer many did trust God.

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