Ps 91:11 For he will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.

             Human angels come in all shapes, sizes, races, nationalities, genders and ages. I believe whenever we show kindness, do something nice, or help a friend, we become an angel in that person’s eyes. God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and this brings unexplainable joy to the recipient.

            During the Covid pandemic in 2020, we saw amazing things people were doing in their community. Closed restaurants serving hot meals to the homeless or anyone in need. A woman collecting formula, diapers, baby food from friends and family started a group of volunteers to deliver the supplies to over 1000 families with babies in her town. A retired nurse sewing masks for her friends to protect themselves as work. A group of medical students babysitting for essential personnel to staff hospitals. A ten-year-old boy helping local farmers find outlets for their produce, then starting a go-fund-me page to defer shipping costs. High school students tutoring younger children on line to give parents a break. This love and caring for others was demonstrated repeatedly.

Do I think people are angels? Who knows? But I believe that every time we show Jesus through goodness, compassion and helping others, it brings us that much closer to God and his plan in our lives. God is pleased with how we as Christians handle our crisis. Yes, many were sick, and many died, but we pulled together and never stopped until we felt the inner angel in us all come through.

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