Ps 91:3 For he will rescue you from every trap and protect you from deadly disease.

Sometimes I feel trapped, stuck in a rut. Usually the feeling rears its ugly head when I am complacent and being selfish, but during the Covid Stay-at-Home order we all felt trapped. We started with worry about what was going on, which quickly changed to anxiety about our future. The imposed confinement changed many perspectives of family life and how to continue with everyday chores safely.

Many panicked, thus the toilet paper shortage, but I depended on God. Yes, I complied with the new guidelines but I also knew God as my protector, shelter and a refuge when afraid. When I learned about friends quarantined with the virus, I prayed and reached out to remind them how good God is. When the news media constantly dealt with the negative statistics of deaths, I dwelt on the number of recoveries. Every time fear tried to ensnare me, I chose to read my Bible more. One night I fell asleep while reading my Bible. I felt Jesus was present protecting me and keeping Satan away. I awoke knowing I no longer needed to feel trapped because God had already promised protection from every deadly disease.

As a nurse I agreed and disagreed with much of the information about Covid, but I also know to live and rest in God because he will keep me safe. When I felt uncomfortable about being confined, I went out on my deck and watch the birds, felt the breeze and saw the sun. I was never really trapped because he was never far away.

2 thoughts on “WORD OF THE DAY IS TRAP

  1. I enjoy reading your blog on feeling trapped, it’s comforting to know that I CAN AND WILL place my trust in God. Please pray for my new journey. I’m preparing for my retirement and have started a travel advisor company and I’d like to specialize in faith based travels. On my last journey I realized that God had given me the tools to place my trust in Him. God Bless your ministry.


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