Ps 91:1 Those who live in the shelter of the Most High will find rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

            For a long time, my son would fall asleep on our bedroom floor. After several nights of taking him back to bed, his dad asked him about it. He did not have a reason, so we dropped it. He continued to sleep on our bedroom floor, so we explained that if he were afraid of the dark, we could leave a light on. Even though he assured us that was not the case I put a night light in his room. We continued our bedtime routine of reading a book and praying. Eventually he stopped getting out of bed and coming in our room.

            Years later, I asked David if he remembered sleeping on our bedroom floor. He did. I asked him to explain what made him do that night after night. He said that there were no shadows in our room because the hall light was visible. He didn’t like the dark shadows in his room, but the light shadows were ok.           

            So did the night light do the trick? Maybe, but when it burned out, I didn’t even notice because he was sleeping in his bed. Later, I realized around that time my bedtime prayer with David had changed. I prayed not only for God to wrap his loving arms around David, but to protect him from evil and keep him in the shadow of his love and protection. I suppose he related the “light shadows” to God’s love and protection. Look for the light shadows in your life. God is there.

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