Ps 90:4 For you, a thousand years are as a passing day, as brief as a few night hours.

            As a young adult I never imagined everything that would occur in my life much less living long enough to “grow old.” Since retirement I try to use my time wisely and mostly succeed. Some days going with the flow is fine.

            With less demands on my time, I have cleaned out and reorganized several closets. It surprised me just how much time I used in acquiring things that promised happiness, but only enjoyed briefly before being relegated to a place of honor in a closet. I now reminisce on the memories and time spent obtaining these objects. A key chain refreshed memories of parasailing in Florida with family. A pair of earrings made me smile at the memory of whale watching off Cape Cod. As each one rose from the ocean, the beauty and majesty God granted was evident when gently landing. Being totally encompassed by water showed God’s kindness and protective love for his creation.

When we use time to remember the graciousness and beauty of God, and what he allows us to do, we can’t help but be happy. Today, make lasting memories thus extending happiness and joy while you can.

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