Ps 89:33 I will never stop loving him nor fail to keep my promise to him.                          

            What are you committed to and for how long? As a young adults, we usually commit to our career. Spending time in education and building our career are noble efforts. Perhaps just finding our soul mate is so time consuming we neglect others such as family and friends. We have so many commitments in our life and waste precious resources that we suffer.

            We have problems juggling life and can become insecure and fearful, perhaps even unable to keep our commitments. We become disappointed in life and ourselves. Disappointment is a sign that we trusted in something or someone to make us happy other than God, our Savior. Weakness keeps us from our commitment and we fall deeper into the rabbit hole. Keeping our commitment to God as a priority will strengthen us and give us wisdom during difficult times. We must find the time and the way to keep our commitments, but only God’s power will give us the strength and ability to continue. 

            Look at your “to do list” for today. Is it full of errands, chores and busy work or is there a notation “spend time with God.” If God is not the first thing, rethink your priorities. Just thank him for a new day and ask him to help you accomplish your goals. A few well-spent minutes will set you up to accomplish your tasks and keep your commitment to God. We become what we focus on, so remember to keep your commitment to love and follow God all the days of your life.

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