Ps 89:14 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne. Unfailing love and truth walk before you as attendants.

            I enjoy watching HGTV and noticed every time a house needs to be restored they start at the foundation. Because of soil content, positioning or water table, many houses need to be elevated. Living below sea level, my house is leveled on a firm foundation of pilings and cinder blocks. It has never flooded and survived many hurricanes.

            Life also needs to be on a firm foundation. My life foundation is on God. He established his throne on love, truth, righteousness and justice. This sums up God’s character and I know as long as I live my life on these values, I have nothing to fear. Sure, there are times I mess up, but God honors my efforts and leads me back to his foundation. When we are unfair, unloving or dishonest we are not on the correct path because these traits can’t come from God.

            Years ago, a co-worker was being dishonest, and I knew the truth. Instead of attacking with a sword of indignation, I approached her with a spirit of love. During a break, I asked about the timing of a dose of medication she administered. I gently reminded her that we had 30 minutes before and after the scheduled time to administer the medicine and still be on time, if not the time of the medication must be changed.  She admitted she was out of the unit during the time she charted the medication. We discussed the policy and procedure to change the timing on that dose and how to recalculate future doses. This teaching moment helped her garner valuable nursing skill, but also helped her follow the correct professional path. This lesson also cemented a firm foundation for her future.

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