Ps 89:13 Powerful is your arm! Strong is your hand! Your right hand is lifted high in glorious strength.

How many times a day do you use your right hand? You may start by turning off the alarm or drinking a cup of coffee, and from there it is constant. We use both hands throughout life, but we each have a preference or dominate hand. I am blessed to be ambidextrous.

            We live in a right-handed world. As a child there was no one to teach me how to use scissors or play sports left handed, so I adapted.  Right-handed coworkers did not appreciate my placing babies in isolettes with their head on the right, so I learned to complete many procedures from the “right” perspective.

            God’s right hand is a metaphor for his omnipotence and refers to deity. Through the Bible it shows strength and growth. Even in art we see clergy and divine beings holding up their right hand to give blessings and mercy. As Jesus prayed and laid his hand on those asking for healing, I imagine he used the right hand of power. Even the disciples understood that power and discussed who sit at his right hand, the place of honor.

            We need to understand how important the link to God is when we use our right hand in worship and praise to him. Just as we receive strength, power and protection from his right hand we need to raise ours and give honor and love to him. This continuous interaction and mutual exchange brings us closer to the source of heavenly love so we can give it to others.

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