Ps 89:11 The heavens are yours, and the earth is yours; everything in the world is yours—you created it all.                                    

I enjoy watching animal shows on TV. The migration patterns amaze me, but I never appreciated the intricacies involved.  Since retirement I sit on my deck every morning, weather permitting, and spend time reading the Bible and talking to God. During this time I have seen the V formation of ducks returning north to their habitats. The Monarch butterfly in Mexico having a layover in the southern United States on their way home to Canada, pollinating as they go to help perpetuate the flower population. When I see fresh needle-like leaves on my Bald-Cypress tree I know the squirrels are on their way to start this year’s contribution to the species.

I have learned there is a delicate balance between the creator and creation. Every ecosystem lives in conjunction and dependence on its environment. When the balance is disturbed God’s creation is altered sometimes to the extinction of a species. Even ocean mammals swim to different places through instinct, depending on the season, to assure survival with a good food supply.

We need to ponder how creation works together for our good. We cannot survive without his creation for sustenance. Acknowledging the mystery and majesty of God in our life helps us to understand our place on this earth. As stewards of God’s creation we should do everything we can to preserve what he has created. If not we rob him of the glory and honor he deserves, and we will not exist as he planned.

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