Ps 89:1 I will sing of the Lord’s unfailing love forever! Young and old will hear of your faithfulness.

            What is it about music that make us feel good? Is it the rhythm, beat or words that reach deep in our soul? Some say everything about a favorite song brings happiness. Many genre appeal to people and some very unlikely combinations can soothe our soul.

Because I lived part of my teen years in Europe, I enjoy classical music but still appreciate the nostalgia of popular songs of the sixties and still have several records in English and Italian. Even today I listen to my CDs of Andrea Bocelli and the pleasant flow of Italian brings back many happy memories. But listening and singing Christian songs feeds my soul.

            In ancient times the best way to convey a message was through a song (Psalm) and David utilized this media throughout his life. He used his talent for music to reach others, even to calm King Saul during episodes of turmoil.

Singing of God’s love and faithfulness starts early with “Jesus Loves Me” in childhood and carries through our lives. We sing Christian songs in church to focus our mind and soul on God. As we drive around singing at the top of our lungs we can relax knowing God is with us. When we are discouraged we say, “Hey Google play my songs” and it lifts our spirits and can even put a smile on our face.

            Next time you are having a bad day try turning on your local Christian radio station and sing along. I guarantee the day will improve and feelings of unconditional love will empower you to finish strong.

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