Ps 87:6 When the Lord registers the nations, he will say, “They have all become citizens of Jerusalem.”             Interlude (Selah, which means pause)

            Jerusalem is also associated to a heavenly city, the one Christians look forward to reaching. As we are in such a diverse population from all nations we need to look at how we are living.  Are we complaining about other nationalities living here or living in harmony with all people? Pause!    Take time to think of the different people in your area.  Reflect on what they are going through. Have you tried to include them in your community, showing love and ways for them to adapt? Leaving your home and family can be stressful but we are willing to adapt for a better life.

            I have been displaced to other countries as a teen and an adult. I never felt criticism from the locals, we got along and tolerated each other’s differences. In fact, I learned many new ideas and customs. I adapted to the mores of the culture and even had to change the way I dressed lest I offend others. I envisioned my life as an adventure and learned as much as I could.

            As Christians our name is registered in that heavenly city where we will live forever. There will be no more prejudice, narrow-mindedness, or discrimination, because we will be like him. Pause! Meditate on that. Shouldn’t we start now? Pause!

As I write I am anxious to see heaven but am not in a hurry. Yes, it will be glorious, and I will see all those who have gone before me. But I still have more adventures here, to enjoy and share with others. Pause!

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