Ps 86:7 I will call to you whenever I’m in trouble, and you will answer me.

            David pleaded with God for help, not focusing on the problem but on the answer. His confidence that God will answer is what we need to strive for.

            As a young married couple, it seemed there was never enough money. Sometimes God supplied our needs in unusual ways. Our house is over 100 years old so we needed to restore all the plumbing. We prayed with confidence for money to cover the cost. Earnest prayer from a sincere heart moves the heart of God. When God’s heart is moved miracles happen.

            When we received the plumber’s estimate, we had to delay the work. We didn’t have the full balance, so I prayed for the needed funds.  In the meantime, Wayne’s brother, who was his partner in their Home Improvement Company, needed some extra cash. They had a rule that if one brother needed money from the company the other brother would receive the same amount. That night we prayed again for God’s provision and the next day his brother brought him the exact amount of the plumber’s estimate. When in trouble, no matter the problem, praying to God with confidence will move his heart. Pray and believe and God will bless.

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