Ps 85:10 Unfailing love and truth have met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed!

            During the 2020 quarantine I needed to find ways to cope with not only the physical limitation but the emotional and spiritual as well. Some found it a very stressful time and it was. People worked from home if possible or were unemployed. Buying groceries was a chore.  Even the government limited where we went and “social distancing” became a thing.  All these stressors can push us to our limits of endurance.

            Fortunately, my children are adults and I did not have to homeschool. It would have pushed me past my limits of endurance. When my son was in the fifth grade, the school principal asked me to substitute his class.  I laughed! The class had seven girls and fifteen boys of which nine were ADD/ADHD. I told the principle I would rather resuscitate a baby than teach in a classroom.

            As we strive to accept our limitations during difficult times, strive to draw closer to God. As we are obedient God’s blessings will become clear. This principle will work for us and also as a nation. Be in the moment and understand what God has for us. The beautiful evening to just sit on our porch and watch cars and people passing. Noticing the cardinal and blue jay couples back to their spring habitats. The innovative things communities are doing to help people cope with loss of loved ones. Yes, we have limits but God is limitless in his love, direction and peace. No one can put limits on God, he is the one in control.

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