Ps 81:6 “Now I will take the load from your shoulders; I will free your hands from their heavy tasks.

            We all know about hacks (a simple or clever tip to find a solution or temporary fix to a problem). There are clothing hacks, food hacks, and even kitchen hacks. Sometimes a piece of duct tape goes a long way in repair problems, but life is difficult. The choices we make can become problematic without the right guidance.

            We need to see the Bible as every hack we will ever need. There is advice on right versus wrong (the Ten Commandments), how to make correct life choices (pray and seek God for answers), and even tips for everyday living (love one another, be kind, help others). The greatest hack is what we need the most—salvation from sin and closeness to our creator. Even Asaph, who probably wrote this Psalm, understood that we all need our load lifted and our hands freed from heavy tasks.

            Go to one who knows all our needs and use the “hacks” he provided such as prayer, faith, belief and his love. Every Bible story and instruction is there for our benefit. These hacks all point to Jesus, the only one who can solve our problems. The more time spent with him, either reading the Bible or praying, will show you more opportunities to learn and understand his ways (hacks).

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