Ps 80:17 Strengthen the man you love, the son of your choice.

            God chose Israel, who God called his “first born” and the people he chose to bring his message into the world. We have been grafted (adopted) into his nation through Jesus’ death and resurrection. We can be sure that we are God’s firstborn as well. The psalmist cries out to God to work and revive his nation. Shouldn’t we do the same? Our great nation was founded “In God We Trust” so trust him to bring us back to his son.

            We all want a nation that is not only blessed but that blesses others. Instead, it seems our nation is cursed. We help other countries but remain trillions of dollars in debt. We allow others in our country, but more come through unethical means. We have compassion and want to show mercy to everyone, but politics and regulations dampen our efforts.

           Our God is bigger than any problem our nation has. Cry out to God, yes, pray for our nation. Being what God wants us to be will help us pray, but doing what God wants us to do brings it to the next level. Be active in Christian principles of love and understanding. Show compassion and mercy close to home. Help others with every day challenges. Let God dominate your life and others will notice. Perhaps they will also catch the vision of what God has for them and their purpose in life and in our nation.

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