Ps 80:7 Turn us again to yourself, O God of Heaven’s Armies. Make your face shine down upon us. Only then will we be saved.

            Distractions happen in life but we need to learn how to control them. Distractions can be hazardous to our spiritual health. Taking time for spiritual growth can be difficult. The phone rings, the baby wakes up early from a nap, the dog needs to go out, or even a mishap in the kitchen can keep us from the one thing we want most—to spend time with God.  When finally able to be alone and pray, I fell asleep. These distractions can be a problem only if we let them.

            Controlling our thoughts and circumstances is not easy. The key is being flexible. When needed, prayer time can be five minutes here or ten minutes there. Stalled in traffic is a great time to pray. It keeps me calm, and I see others reactions to life in the slow lane.

            While waiting in line or for an appointment I say “hey google open my Bible app to …” and read. Some distractions are opportunities to plant a seed for God. One time I was so engrossed in 1 Samuel I almost missed my turn at the DMV.  Someone sitting next to me asked what was so interesting and I explained the story of God giving Israel a king and all the consequences of having a king. This distraction opened the conversation and she spoke about consequences in her life. I prayed with her and knew God had me there for her.

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