Ps 79:11 Listen to the moaning of the prisoners, demonstrate your great power by saving those condemned to die.

            According to the news, there are so many incarcerated the prisons can’t hold them. These physical confinements can be temporary. Those in bondage count the days until they are released. Some, who caused grievous harm, never will be free.

             Time spent in prison is bad, but there is a spiritual captivity that is much worse. The sins in our lives produce emotional and spiritual chains. How difficult it is to break those chains and sustain our newfound freedom depends on who helps us. The good news is there is hope.

Jesus breaks every one of our chains and frees us to be his children. When we rely on him the choices and habits of the past can be permanently obliterated. I have seen the chains of smoking and drinking suddenly removed through prayer. My mother, who smoked for over thirty-five years, was freed while taking a shower. “I felt Jesus showering me with new life, cleaning all the nicotine from my body,” she said. She never smoked again. Yes, we all are prisoners of something, but I want to only be a prisoner of Jesus Christ.

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