Ps 79:8 Do not hold us guilty for the sins of our ancestors! Let your compassion quickly meet our needs, for we are on the brink of despair.

            Ever complain about being held accountable for another’s sin? Someone else caused the problem, but now I’m guilty. These were difficult times for the Israelites. Fast forward to the present.  Our country is experiencing things we never imagined. People randomly killing others because of perceived wrongs or negative life experiences. Will it ever stop?

            God’s compassion teaches us to show compassion to others and is crucial today.  With more understanding, concern and empathy for others, we might influence a “would be” killer to not take that step. Kindness goes a long way with a person troubled by misplaced thoughts and assumptions. When you are confronted with another’s suffering, compassion lets us have the same feeling and feel motivated to help relieve that suffering. Without compassion we are less Jesus like and more world like.

             When we love ourselves, we are able to love others. We feel their suffering. Be aware of family, friends or even the person living down the street, they may need compassion to help them break through the despair in their life.

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