Ps 78:72 He cared for them with a true heart and led them with skillful hands.

            Sheep are dependent on the shepherd for guidance, provision and protection. They were not satisfied with an unseen shepherd and begged God for a king, like all the other nations around them. Now, at God’s appointed time, David is trying to be the leader God intended him to be.

            With years of sitting under the stars close to God and all the lessons he learned leading the sheep, God taught him love, compassion, wisdom and even survival. This not only laid the foundation for the man/king he was to become, but created a sense of responsibility and protection for all God’s creatures. Never underestimate the training ground God gives you for your future.

            During my time as a preceptor for LSU School of Nursing I tried to impart, to the senior students, the ability to become a good nurse and possibly leaders in the future of health care.  There are many qualities needed of today’s leaders. Honesty, integrity, confidence and the ability to inspire others are key. As leaders we all need communication, commitment, accountability, and decision-making skills, but these are also skills we need in life. Allowing God to teach us these when we are young through tests, trials and hard work, builds a strong leader for the future.

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