WORD OF THE DAY IS HARDHEADED                               

Ps 78:32 But in spite of this, the people kept sinning. Despite his wonders, they refused to trust him.

            The Israelites were hardheaded. Their disobedience kept them on a roller coaster of problems and turmoil. Time and again God, who was with them, brought them through tough times but still they continued to sin against the mighty One of Israel. Why did their humanness convince them not to believe and trust an almighty God who parted the sea and miraculously gave them food for forty years?

         Our power is inadequate to complete God’s purpose in our life, so why do we fight every good thing he does for us. We are stubborn and unwilling to trust someone who only wants his best for us. There have been times when I didn’t agree with what was going on, especially when it involved me being patient and waiting on God. I wanted all the bumps in the road to smooth out as soon as possible, and my impatience sometimes caused things to become worse before they got better.

            That’s when I realized my only hope was prayer and trusting God to work out the details. The less hardheaded I became, the more open to God’s ways I became. Now I see how God’s gentle instructions and corrections help me open up and share that knowledge with others. In Christ we can help the hopeless find hope. He will take us as we are, hardheadedness and all, and make us what we should be.

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