Ps 78:5 For he issued his laws to Jacob; he gave his instructions to Israel. He commanded our ancestors to teach them to their children.

              There is always something we can teach our children. When they are small, they absorb everything we say and do. As they grow and mature, they enter the stage of how smart they are verses how dumb parents can be. Finally, if we are lucky, they become an “adult” and realize how much their parents know.

            Our son, David, asked his dad to build him a new book case. Being a master carpenter, Wayne has built furniture for him before, but this time David wanted to learn how to do it.  They picked out the material, went to Wayne’s work shop, and started the new project. David confided that he was nervous around the tools because they were so dangerous. After hands on experience with the nail gun, table saw, and router, he felt comfortable around the work shop. He was thankful that his dad could still teach him these things because he knows that everything he learns from his dad now will help him in the future.

            Do we know how much our heavenly Father has to teach us? Not only his commandments, but how to live every day in this “dangerous” world. When we acknowledge Jesus with a childlike heart, open and ready to learn, he will teach us everything we need to be the best child of the Father we can. The dangers in life will be easier to cope with after learning about wisdom, kindness, relationship and love. Are you ready to learn something today?

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