Ps 77:11 But then I recall all you have done, O Lord; I remember your wonderful deeds of long ago.

Occasionally we have bad days. We feel abandoned, discarded by God. In anguish we complain but words are useless, only tears come.

Years ago, someone hurt me deeply. If the lie told about me was believed, I thought it was the end of everything I loved. Usually, if things happened I could not deal with I prayed and God helped me. This time I felt hated by those around me and cast-off by God. Nothing helped. I tried to run away from my problem. I drove around aimlessly, then parked and walked up the Mississippi River levee where I poured out my heart to God for what seemed like hours. Finally, when I had no more tears, I just sat.

Looking around, I saw people jogging, and a couple walked by holding hands, smiling lovingly to each other. I asked the Lord if I could ever have happiness again.

I stopped complaining and started remembering everything God had done for me. Through all the chaos of life and evil attacks from jealous people I remembered God’s promises of love, mercy, grace and reconciliation. I resolved to remember that as long as I follow God’s plan he would protect me from evil. 

I went home, where my wonderful, understanding husband was waiting for me. He realized the turmoil I was in and was praying for God to show me the way back.

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