Ps 76:10 Human defiance only enhances your glory, for you use it as a weapon.

            How can God receive glory from our human defiance? Is that even possible? Many times in the Bible God allowed his people and the disobedient to see miracles. Some who were disobedient were destroyed. Those who remained were used by God to show who was in control. Pharaoh defied God, but in the end the Israelites were freed. Jonah rebelled, but Nineveh was saved when the nation corrected its path. After being brought down by his sin, Samson rejected his true nature and finally saw his purpose and God received all the glory.  

            Human defiance can also backfire. Straying off the path of complete dependence on God puts blinders on our ability to resist Satan. It may start small, like skipping church or disobeying God’s commands. They believe they are in control, but in reality Satan has them right where he wants them. Many people end up so deep in rebellion that they have an affair or skim off the company funds.

            They are far from God, but he wants them back. Through prayer, discipline and restitution he will restore their lives, and he will get the glory. When they finally repent, God’s glory will be seen through miraculous solutions. It may be extremely difficult such as separation from your family for a time, but that’s when his glory is even more evident. Our only weapon against defiance is returning to the one who created us.

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