Ps 73:26 My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak, but God remains the strength of my heart; he is mine forever.

Where would we be without God’s healing power? This question became personally important to me while I recovered from a respiratory virus that caused me to lose several days of writing. Two days of intravenous medications sapped my energy and caused me to sleep half the day.

When it first started I prayed God would reveal what he wanted me to learn from this time of illness and weakness. Sometimes God just wants us to slow down, stop and concentrate on him. On my second day of IV medications, I met a man being treated with chemotherapy. He was weak, in pain, and wanted to give up.

This man was in much worse shape than me and needed someone to listen to his woes. I shared my belief that unpleasant circumstances enable us to help others. I prayed for him and encouraged him to stop looking at the mountain and just look at the next step in his healing process. God allowed me to explain that faith is not a onetime thing, it is a complete process that takes time to achieve. As we take step after step, day after day, our faith grows. In the meantime, we need to believe for our healing: God healed, heals, and will heal forever. (Now and forever) AMEN! By the time my infusion was complete I realized that God allowed me to be sick to help this man in his faith walk. This is what God wanted me to learn: it’s not always about us; it can be about others.

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