Ps 73:24 You guide me with your counsel, leading me to a glorious destiny.

            Destiny, sometimes refers to fate, and is a predetermined course of events. Unlike fate, there is an element of choice in destiny. That element is free will. Yes, we have a choice in life, but your destiny is determined by the choices you make.

            One year out of high school I had an opportunity to live and work in the Caribbean, but I had to choose between nursing school or fun and riches. I was not following Christ as I should and soon discovered the path to fun and riches would drag me into a deep dark place. You see, the job was working at a hotel chain as a “hostess.” Later I found out it was a glorified “escort service”. I thank God that my practical side of long-term stability won over temporary fame and fortune.

            I try to show others that every decision made today is the foundation for tomorrow. Some believe in some aspects of life there is no choice. Not true, there is always a choice. Isn’t that why we allow children to pick out which shirt to wear or if they want cookies or ice cream for dessert? Absolutely. That will build their ability to make good choices in the future. We even start them on career paths by asking what they want to be when they grow up. These skills help build a destiny for life, but what about our spiritual destiny?          

            We need a firm spiritual foundation in Jesus Christ because life is short. Our ultimate goal is to spend eternity with him. That knowledge helps us make the right choices. Time spent in God’s word and prayer strengthens us to resist temptations. With practice we can make wise decisions for God.     


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