Ps 71:20 You have allowed me to suffer much hardship, but you will restore me to life again and lift me up from the depths of the earth.

            There is suffering and hardship in the world. The devastation we see daily on the news is heart wrenching. Everyone experiences loss, but how do we receive compensation? I’m not talking about monetary but spiritual fulfillment.  Compensation can also be a way to balance the bad effects of loss by building positive effects. When we intervene in a bad experience to help another, we receive the compensation of a smile, a thank you, or even help later in life when we need it. That is God’s plan. We are the balancing force that can reduce the effects of others’ suffering. Over time, I have learned to look for opportunities to help others through their suffering not only because it’s the right thing to do, but also because I know God will send someone with help when I need it.

As I cared for my tiny patients in NICU, I was able to build relationships and understand the family’s needs. One time, a mom expecting twin girls had triplets. She felt guilty because she had nothing for the boy. The girls were stronger and went home before the boy. Our staff gave her a “boy discharge party.” Clothes, necessities and even a bassinet for mom to have him in her room were donated. She was overwhelmed, in a good way, and felt she was ready to mother triplets.

            Look for ways to help others, and God will compensate in unusual and wonderful ways. The money is not important, but the heavenly reward is priceless.

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