Ps 71:14 But I will keep hoping for your help; I will praise you more and more.

            We know what to do in an emergency—call 911. We even teach it to our young children. If a car accident occurs, we call believing someone will send help. If someone becomes ill we call hoping someone can calm us down and talk us through what needs to be done. But what happens when that help isn’t enough?

            After surgery, Wayne, my husband, was in a lot of pain. The physician assistant (PA) ordered both muscle relaxers and opioid pain pills. Having worked many years as a nurse I understood the danger of giving meds too soon but followed the PA’s instructions.

I awoke the next morning to find him unresponsive, and called 911. I gave the paramedic the information he needed.  He asked to see my husband’s medicine, and counted the pills to determine how many had been taken. After counting the pills he reinforced my assessment that Wayne’s body had not metabolized the opioid properly and this was not an overdose. They were able to reverse the opioid with Narcan on the way to the ER. 

            Knowing the physical problem was addressed, I then phoned our church to request prayer. I knew, without a doubt, who needed to be with Wayne through this ordeal. God is who Christians call, because he is always there for us. He is never too busy, never sleeping, and never puts us “on hold.”

            Wayne responded well to treatment and had no lasting complications to the medication. God removed the pain and Wayne never needed another pill. I thank God he goes beyond what human help can do.

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