Ps 71:7 My life is an example to many, because you have been my strength and protection.

I tried to be a good example to our children. During their teenage years, I felt inadequate. Occasionally, I needed to guide them with a firm hand. I always wondered if it was enough.

One day, our youngest son wanted to talk. He was depressed about a break up with his girlfriend and his childhood friend was going through a divorce. They married after they had a baby. The marriage didn’t last long. David complained not only his girlfriend but also his friend’s wife wanted to change them.

“Why do people want to change others? Why not accept them for who they are?” he said. His next statement surprised me. “You and Dad never tried to change each other.”

“When God is in the marriage and you follow his plan, he will make necessary changes.”

His response surprised me even more. “You and Dad show the perfect example of a Christian marriage, no one else seems to have that.”

I never thought of our marriage as an example of Christian unity.  I saw what is important is not only what you put into a marriage but also who is in it. With Christ in our marriage it was a good example to our children of respect, love and trust. Not only in Christ but in each other.

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