Ps 70:1 Please, God rescue me! Come quickly, Lord and help me.

This verse was King David’s plea to God to hurry to his rescue. Why do we want God to hurry? Why does he seem late to the situation? We want instant gratification but is that good for us? Probably not.

When we pray with a list of requests for others and ourselves remember to thank him and praise him for the answers. Never take God for granted or use him as a vending machine. Our timing is not his timing. If we wait things often work out for the best.

While you wait on God he will fill you with joy and happiness that Jesus saved us from our sin and ourselves. Even when fear of the unknown gets us down, we can be happy because we are never alone. If we hurry through life, we miss the joy of little things: the smell of a fresh flower, the colors of a sunset, the cooing of a newborn baby. These are times God gives to reflect on our life in him, stop, enjoy and don’t hurry.

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