Ps 68:19 Praise the Lord; praise God our Savior! For each day he carries us in his arms.

Everyone learns and understands things differently. I am visual. When I try to problem solve I think and visualize possible solutions. I suppose that’s why I love sign language for the deaf. I see the words on my hands and in my body language and expressions. This scripture is for me especially when I am stressed or feel unable to cope with life situations. I can SEE God carrying me in his arms.

 Those mighty arms that saved me, not only from a life of sin, but also from many problems. His gentle arms that held me through loss of loved ones. Those loving arms that hug me when I feel unloved. His strong arms that hold the world together during hurricanes and other natural disasters. Those sweet arms that allow a baby’s birth. His masterful arms that give knowledge to those who seek it. Those tireless arms that will never let me go. His holy arms that will call us to live with him in heaven forever.

When I think of his arms I know he has been with me throughout my life, even when I thought he wasn’t. When I was far from him, his arms were protecting me, loving me and wanting me for himself. Now all I want in life is to use what he endowed to me through his arms to serve him, praise him and share him with others. Think about his arms then your arms. What can you do for him?

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