Ps 68:5 Father to the fatherless, defender of widows—this is God, whose dwelling is holy.

            We have all felt lonely but usually it is subdued by family, friends or fellowship at church activities. This type of interaction helps but is it enough? When feeling anxious and experiencing a lack of connection to others the emotional response is loneliness. Some turn to the wrong things, such as drinking, drugs, illicit sex or even criminal behavior.

What one thing can alleviate loneliness?


We are designed to be in relationship with God. In the beginning he knew Adam could not survive without a relationship. He is the God of relationship and community. Those who are fatherless or widowed may feel socially and emotionally inept due to their loss but can have that special relationship with God that will never end.

            Another type of loneliness comes when we have an “empty nest.” Yes, we need to find other interests but things won’t fill the emptiness in our heart and soul. Only God can fill those special areas. Join a bible study. Read the bible. Scripture is supernatural and will comfort during these times. Even at our loneliest moments God’s Word reminds us we are never alone in him.

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